Energize your Meetings & Workshops

For a long time we have heard our customers complain about lengthy and inefficient meetings. This has not changed since meetings were moved to the virtual world. Therefore, we have developed an offer for our customers to finally put an end to boring workshops and meetings.

A boost for virtual Meetings & Workshops

In this two-hour training, participants will learn the basics of designing and implementing virtual meetings or workshops.

The format of the training is a mixture of knowledge transfer, hands-on experience and tips from experts. In terms of content, the training is divided into four modules:

  1. Preparation
  2. Introduction to the meeting/workshop
  3. The main part of the meeting/workshop
  4. Conclusion and documentation.

The training is aimed at executives or project managers who have little experience in conducting virtual meetings and workshops. Wether you use Zoom, MS Teams or Webex, we will tailor the training to the software that is used in your company. Many of the techniques discussed can also be used in face-to-face meetings and workshops.

Conducting lively Meetings & Workshops

With our 5-step program for facilitators, the people who run meetings and workshops in your company will learn how to revitalize them. This involves the skills of knowing liberating structures and methods and using them online or offline in such a way that the full potential of all the participants present is utilized.

An these are the 5 steps:

  1. Starting point and Objectives: Together we define the purpose and the aims of meetings and workshops in your company.
  2. Presentation of the Possibilities: This training session for internal moderators, can take place off- or online. Participants learn how to plan the different phases of a workshop and are introduced to the psychological basics of collaboration. They also practice and experience the technical skills of facilitation.
  3. Real Time Experience: We coach the internal facilitators during the development of a concept and implementation of a real internal workshop.
  4. Tracking and Online Coaching: For further everyday work, we provide advice and support and help participants to develop facilitation expertise.
  5. Advanced Training: The final training session builds on the basic knowledge and experience of the internal facilitators. They will get to know further tools for advanced moderators and reflect together on the learning process so far and the experiences made.


Professional Facilitation for your Workshop

When once again the moment of truth is approaching, the design of a meeting or workshop becomes a decisive element. Then you can rely on the many years of experience of Skillsgarden’s professional moderators! We support you in developing a suitable agenda for your specific topic and take over the facilitation, so that you and your team can focus your attention 100% on the content.

The procedure is simple: After a first conversation, we draft a proposal for the agenda, which we then finalize together. We facilitate the workshop locally or virtually and, if required, we can also take the workshop minutes. We are happy to accompany you further if requested and conduct a follow-up workshop with you and your team.


Is there something that caught your interest?

Please contact us for all offers at info@skillsgarden.ch and together we will find a (digital) consulting solution for your request.