Skillstalk: The power of our stories – A technique of inquiry for happiness and success


with Ernest Holm Svendsen

24.05.2019 I 17:00 – 18:30 Uhr
In gate27 I Theaterstrasse 27b I Winterthur
Our lives are made up of thousands of stories: Beliefs about our past and future, about other people and our relationships with them, about us and who we are, about what we can or cannot do. Some of these thought patterns bring us contentment, happiness and confidence for our accomplishments. Others get in the way of reaching our goals. You may be familiar with the following thoughts: “I am not good enough”, “I should earn more money”, or “My partner is not there for me sufficiently”. In a working world in which there is an increasing feeling of internal pressure as well as external pressure, many people are looking for balance and relaxation. Often these efforts are in vain and we want to change the apparent cause of the problem, in the belief that we will achieve the desired happiness. We try by all means to be perfect, we strive for a job that is better paid, or we want our partner to spend more time with us. Such thoughts do not lead to success in the long run, but to frustration, stress and worry.
Our Guest
The Danish author and trainer Ernest Holm Svendsen has been working successfully for almost twenty years with people from different professional backgrounds, helping them to become more satisfied, fulfilled and successful in their professional and private lives.  He explains how the difficulties in professional or private relationships, overload at work or generally worries about family, finances, career and health can be overcome.
Ernest Holm Svendsen presents you in our Skillstalk the method “The Work”, developed by Byron Katie, which allows us to free ourselves from our negative, obstructive thoughts. Based on his newly published book “How to end the stories that screw up your life”, he tells you how the technique of Self-Enquiry can transform our thinking into more acceptance, serenity and joy and at the same time tapping into our authenticity. Instead of seeing ourselves as victims of the circumstances, we take responsibility for our lives and achieve our goals. People who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the challenges of modern life and want to stand in life with more joy, presence and ease find lasting help in this approach. This happens in a committed, humorous way and with exercises on how the method works and how you can use it for yourself. In a discussion with Skillsgarden host Christoph Lindinger, the background of Ernest’s work and the successes of the concept will be critically examined, followed by room for questions and a relaxed dialogue. The talk will be in English.
Time & Place
Congress centre gate27 at Theaterstrasse 27b in Winterthur, in the “Mehrzweckraum” (basement floor)
You will find various parking spaces in the blue zone around the venue (more information at We recommend that you travel by public transport. gate27 is located in the immediate area of the Winterthur main station.
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