Design Thinking Workshops

Initial situation:
Mobiliar, a Swiss insurance company offers an “ideation space” for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Switzerland. This so-called “Mobiliar Forum Thun” supports companies in developing new business ideas, products or services. The combination of inspiring working spaces and the design thinking method adapted to the Swiss SME’s creates surprising innovations and strengthens the team spirit.

The 2.5-days workshops are based on design thinking, a user-oriented innovation process developed at the Stanford University. By prototyping and continuously implementing and testing potential solutions, this method enables to successfully develop new products, services or business ideas in no time. Ina Goller, founder of Skillsgarden, is one of three people moderating these workshops in Thun.

Each year in April and May as well as in October and November, the Mobiliar Forum Thun is open to interested companies and organizations.


On the website (Mobiliar Forum Thun) you can find videos of SME’s who were successful on the market with innovations that they developed by using these design thinking workshops. Also on this website: information on how to book such a workshop for your organization.