People looking for work become successful job hunters

Initial situation:
The direct of the unemployment office of Schaffhausen hopes to re-integrate highly qualified job seekers above the age of 50 back into the labor market. In collaboration with the voluntary organization Benevol and the school for professional education and further education SBAW, Skillsgarden developed a concept which promotes exchange between job seekers. Rather than looking for jobs individually, the focus is on searching more successfully together with the help and network of the group. This is how involuntary job seekers can become motivated job hunters.

As part of the project which is based on three main pillars, Skillsgarden conducts weekly to bi-weekly workshops with the job hunters – the so-called jobclub. Topics at the workshops include analysis of the status quo based on the analysis of one’s own strengths and successes, the definition of a goal, the development of suitable strategies to accomplish the goal as well as motivation, execution strength and presentation power.

The two other pillars of the project are the academy for further education, where job hunters can select the most relevant courses out of a range of courses and a mentoring program within which job hunters can profit from a 1 on 1 exchange.

Participants’ reactions as well as the success rate of the program are delightful. The job hunters approach their job search with increased motivation and self-efficacy – the belief that they can actually achieve something. They also appreciate the exchange with other job hunters as well as with the trainers. On average, 50% of job hunters find a job or even their dream job in the context of the program.