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Skillsgarden | Change management, innovation, career

We support people and organizations in acquiring and applying all necessary skills to develop a culture of psychological safety. Thereby, success rooted in mutual collaboration can emerge – whether it be in change management, leadership development or career coaching.

From Science to Skills

We are interested in useful insights from research that we can make concrete use of rather than staying at the surface as a practical guide for management. We’ve made it one of ours goals to utilize these insights in our daily work for the benefit of our customers.
On the other hand, we’ve discovered that some questions that are incredibly relevant for practical application have not yet been answered by science. Therefore, we’ve defined topics that we are devoting our research efforts to in cooperation with renowned universities.

Our vision:

A better (working) world

A culture of psychological safety is the foundation for a better working world. We advocate for such a culture and encourage people and organizations to positively enrich their own and others’ worlds. Sustainable success and growth emerge through the creativity of the people within your organization.

Our mission:

Connecting people and organizations

Our mission is to fortify human competencies, so people and organizations can grow together and design a joint future. We help you to find, characterize and effectively pursue ways to do this – whether it be in change management, leadership development or career coaching.

Our method:

practically relevant, pragmatic and personal

As a boutique consulting company, we develop solutions that are tailored to your company and the people working within it. Practically relevant and pragmatic approaches based on science are at the forefront of our work. During implementation, we view ourselves not only as external consultants but also as companions on your road to success.